Gallery of The Figurines of the Year

The "Figurine of the Year" perfectly synthesizes
the concept of collecting.
It is in this way that a lot of collectors and then
Members of the Society have, for the first time,
approached the sculptures of Florence Studios.

It is an opportunity to start softly a small collection that
will increase in number each year with one piece more.

A figurine remaining available for just one year creates
in the collectors a lot of expectation, waiting for
the surprise of the following year.

The style is not every year just the same, but our studio's
main aim is to add each year to the collections
of their friends a different and more exciting sculpture.

Therefore enter in the wonderful world of our collection
of the "Figurines of the Year", started since last 1993.

Year 2009

Year 2008

Year 2007

The Past